Extra Large T-Shirt For Winterpaw Mini Canine

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This is made for Julia Winterpaw's Mini Canine.
Get it here: https://juliawinterpaw.gumroad.com/l/minicanine

Sweater weather isn't for everyone.
But man baggy clothing is so comfy.

Fits over all first party bottoms, including the overalls, with the straps showing through the collar of the shirt.
Also fits over my shorts available below.

This package only contains the Baggy T-Shirt, no other clothes nor the base avatar is included inside.

Pick up one of these XL Shirts!

Hand made! It comes with several premade and detailed materials, with additional color variant textures for many of them within assorted folders.

Using VRCFury for installation! Making it easy to add to your own Avatar.

Installation is as easy as dropping the "WPMC XL TShirt" prefab into the Hierarchy under the MiniCanine section, just like any first party Winterpaw Clothing.

The base avatar uses VRCFury for everything, if somehow you don't, you can get VRCFury here: https://vrcfury.com

Includes .SPP and .PSD files for ease of edit.

There's dozens of variations on the available textures, with several designs and several colors on top of that.

By default the item is using the free and publicly available Poiyomi 8.1 Toon.

If you find a material you like but want it in a different color, I tried to add a good variety of options, just check the texture folder for that material and you'll find more than just the default texture.

With Poiyomi, you can use color adjust on any of the materials to achieve your own color without having to edit the original textures.
You can get Poiyomi at https://poiyomi.com

Textures are laid out flat, so you can easily put whatever you want on the shirt! Comes with a photoshop document, the shirt is laid out in an easy to edit manner. 3 layers for easy recoloring.
To change these colors, you can just just the hue/saturation/value on each layer, Export as a .png and add it to the materials by dragging and dropping your new .png into the base color slot.

Also included is the substance painter source file!

12/26/23 | Version 1.1:

  • Fixed feminine in game blend shape.

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I can be contacted at cypressdesigngumroad@gmail.com in the event of any issues or questions.

keep an eye on the store page, I will likely be opening, or have opened a support discord!

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[As this is a Digital good, there is no refunds or returns. There's no way for me to take the item back from you. by purchasing this, you agree to this. Any chargebacks will be disputed.]

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As this is a digital product, No refunds. Sorry!

A unity project containing a VRC prefab, .psd, .spp, and a handful of materials and a fist full of textures.

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Extra Large T-Shirt For Winterpaw Mini Canine

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