Short Shorts For Winterpaw's Mini Canine

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Who likes Short Shorts?!?!

This is a set of shorts specially made for Julia Winterpaw's Mini Canine.

Installation is as easy as dropping the "shortshorts" prefab into the Hierarchy under the MiniCanine section, just like any first party Winterpaw Clothing.

We use VRCFury for instalation to make sure it's not complicated.

You probably already have VRC fury for the avatar base. If you don't you can get VRCFury here:

Included is a .SPP file, as well as 4 default colors, including Beige, Black, Blue, and white.

By default the item is using the free and publicly available Poiyomi 8.1 Toon.

With Poiyomi, you can use hue shift the beige to have a solid all one color pair of any color you'd like. and with the blue, you can have an easy single color with complimentary color threads.

You can get Poiyomi at

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I can be contacted at in the event of any issues or questions.

keep an eye on the store page, I will likely be opening, or have opened a support discord!

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[As this is a Digital good, there is no refunds or returns. There's no way for me to take the item back from you. by purchasing this, you agree to this. Any chargebacks will be disputed.]

As this is a digital product, No refunds. Sorry!

a .unitypackage file containing a easy to install Prefab!

Easy to install!
Drag and Drop!
Fits under all first party clothing!
Easy to customize!
Poiyomi based shaders!
78.4 MB
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Short Shorts For Winterpaw's Mini Canine

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